Update 08-11-2020:

We have opened the registration !

The preparations for the next edition of the Ostbelgien-Triathlon are underway. Due to the current COVID-19 situation it is not exactly foreseeable under which guidelines and conditions the event will take place. We have shown the feasibility of sports events with the Talsperrenlauf 2020. We will announce details in time. For registered participants, the refund policy already applied in 2020 will be applied if the event is cancelled.

Age-graded classification in the Promo:

For the first time, we will evaluate the overall ranking for the promo/sprint distance 2021 age-graded. After extensive research, we were able to develop a method to use factors to adjust the times in the individual disciplines depending on the age of the respective athlete. Details can be found under "Age Graded Classification" !

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